Just released - Converter from gexf (used by Gephi) to VOSviewer json file format

Gephi is a free software for network visualization, which is quite popular (more than 3 million downloads since it launched in 2010, and one million download in the last 2 years).

And what about VOSviewer? This is a software quite close to Gephi in spirit, but more focused on bibliometric networks (who publishes with whom, who cites whom… in science). It has excellent capabilities to visualize semantic networks of 100 to 500 nodes of size, and advanced functions to import a variety of bibliometric sources.

VOSviewer has evolved a lot and this summer, their developers released a web app version which makes it really handy to share visualizations with a url.

For Gephi users, there was no easy way to transfer your work from or to VOSviewer. Until now!

I have just released a file converter that does the conversion from gexf to the VOSviewer file format. (gexf is the file format produced by Gephi). The VOSviewer to gexf converter will come soon.

[EDIT: the VOSviewer to gexf converter has been added!]

Enjoy, and your questions and feedback are welcome.


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Written on September 22, 2021