Publishing a free in-browser tool to mine pdfs on a precise keyword or expression

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  • A new function has been added to in response to a need by journalists

    The need: helping journalists sift through pdfs

    Early April, journalist Runa Sandvik posted:

    It felt like a feature was well positioned to offer. So I ended up developing it in exactly a Sunday afternoon, and you can now find it here:

    I reported it to Runa:

    … and I was disappointed to get no reply. But looking back at the original post, I realized it got tons of replies (91 so far), with “less than helpful comments” but also pointers to super useful resources.

    Here is a summary of the solutions mentioned in the replies, all identified as able to sift through pdfs to search for expressions (free ✔️ or not 💰):

    In-browser solutions ☁️

    Desktop solutions 💻

    Command line 🔤

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    Try the solution I developed and give some feedback!

     Date: April 9, 2022

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