😊 😬 Free sentiment analysis tool for social media in English, French and Spanish

Use it directly by selecting the data to be analyzed:



New: API access now available

Try it, just click on the link:

https://nocodefunctions.com /api/sentimentForAText? text-lang= en & text= this app is amazing & explanation= on & output-format= html & explanation-lang= fr

You can modify these parameters in the url:

text-lang: the language of the text to anlayze. "en" for English, "fr" for French or "es" for Spanish
text: the text to analyze
explanation: this parameter has two values: "on" for rich explanations, or "off" if you just need the result without explanations
output-format: choose between 3 values: "plain", "html" or "json"
explanation-lang: choose the language of the explanations. The parameter is a two-letter code for the language ("zh" for Chinese, for instance)

... or read below about what it does, and how it works:

Analysis of sentiments for Twitter, Instagram and beyond

Import your data, get the results: an example

list of options to import texts

how to import a text and do sentiment analysis on it

Fast and efficient

The model - short description

The model - long description

Scoring, percentage and emotions?

Positive, Neutral, and Negative Feelings: Additional Considerations