Why has nocode functions been made?

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The fundamental motivation

As an academic interested in data mining with social media and social networks, I have shared the results of my studies in articles published in scientific journals. With nocode functions, I wish to reach a wider audience by offering free, nocode versions of the most useful functions I have been using in my research.

In the past few years, I have made several attempts at creating pieces of software that would do just that. But I was not experienced enough, and probably too impatient: the apps were unfinished and hard to maintain. Nocode functions is different: I take the time to develop it in the best manner, and I embark for a journey of 10 years and more!

Why is it free?

Developing nocode functions represents a significant amount of work, which I accomplish in my free time. I don't charge for it, so that it finds a wider audience (including students, journalists, hobbyists...). In return, I hope to use it to deploy the new functions I will create in the course of my academic research, and I hope it will benefit my studies: the user feedback on the functions will help me refine them and make them more robust. Hopefully, a community of users will grow and will generate interesting ideas for new developments as well!

Second, depending on the interest of the users, I consider developing API versions for high volume, high availability versions of the functions, typically for professional use by enterprises, not individuals. These APIs would not be free as significant server costs would be involved.